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Stay Up-To-Date with Your Client Information Through eKYC Solutions.

  • Providing smoother Account Opening Solution with over 150+ clients.
  • No more physical documents required.
  • Automated submissions to CDSL, NSDL through API integrations.
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Brokerage Companies Can Provide A Seamless IPO Experience To Investors.

  • Prioritise an intuitive interface for easy navigation by all investors.
  • Provide holistic data on upcoming IPOs - profiles, finances.
  • Ensure robust security with encryption for safe transactions.
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Aadhaar eSign

Make Smarter, Faster & Seamless Document Process With eSign Aadhaar.

  • Speed up your business workflow with the Aadhaar eSign facility.
  • Use Aadhaar-OTP for instant user verification to makes it more robust.
  • Pay only once for multiple sign on the documents.
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Integrate The DigiLocker API Through Meon To Your Website For An E-KYC.

  • Enables a faster & more convenient document workflow.
  • Promote paperless document storage without worrying about theft.
  • Boosts your business security & reduces manual mistakes.
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Automated Assistance With 24/7 Support

  • Online Chatbot lets your business respond quickly to client's queries.
  • AI Chatbot offers personalised recommendations to targeted customers.
  • Conversational assistant can handle multiple customer enquiries.
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Optical Character Recognition Software (OCR)

Leverage OCR For Productivity By Facilitating Efficient Data Retrieval.

  • A versatile tool which can be seamlessly integrated with other applications.
  • Multiple language support, text conversion accuracy & minimising errors.
  • Extract data from structured documents, pictures, PDFs & notes.
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Easy To Integrate With Various Applications & Increases ROI.

  • Use CRM to manage customer interaction & automate your sales.
  • Monitor your sales processes, track leads & ensure progression.
  • Automated workflows can reduce efforts & boost customer engagement.
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Automated Emailer

Gear Up Your Marketing Strategies With An Auto Emailer Solution.

  • A user-friendly interface for users with an intuitive design.
  • Ability to customize the user experience based on behaviour.
  • Deliver personalized emails based on behaviour and chat interactions.
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Online Calculator

Engage The Targeted Audience Through An Interactive Calculator.

  • Get a fully-tailored online calculator to calculate loan payments, etc.
  • A customised business calculator helps make informed decisions and solve repetitive tasks.
  • Integrate an intuitive online calculator into your website to drive organic traffic.
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Why MeonTechnologies?

As a big market player in the competitive industry, we take pride in offering a wide array of tailor-made Products & Services with cost-cutting high-end automation solution. It includes Chatbots, eKYC/ REKYC, Aadhaar eSign, Auto E-mailer, DigiLocker, Itinerary & Support Tool, OCR, Online Calculators, e-NACH, HRMS, CRM, EIPO & many more.

Solutions for Every Industry!

We specialize in delivering Automation solutions across diverse industries, revolutionizing processes and outcomes through cost-cutting technology. From Finance to Healthcare, Meon professionals tailor our Products & Services to cater for your business requirements.

Capital Market

Implement Effective Automation Solutions That Align With Your Business Goals.

  • Enhance your risk assessment through our Fraud Detection Solution.
  • Get a faster Trading Software which uses AI-powered trading algorithms.
  • Integrate Online Chatbots to provide 24/7 customer support.
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Capital market


Automation Transforms Guest Experiences For More Efficient Hospitality Services.

  • Fraud Detection Tool maintains Hotel financial integrity.
  • Online Chatbots take user's queries & suggest travel attractions.
  • CRM optimises interactions & improves Hotel-Customer Relationships.
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Boosts Healthcare Research & Produces With More Accurate Treatments.

  • Apply Data Science for informed decisions from past activities.
  • Machine Learning algorithms process clinical documentation & identify patterns.
  • Machine Learning is used to diagnose illness & provide patient treatment.
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Pharma Healthcare


Smoothens Your Customer Buying Process Through Automation Products!

  • Add Interactive Calculator for price comparisons on website.
  • WhatsApp Chatbot for instant support & product information.
  • Auto Emailer aims for targeted customer engagement.
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Real Estate

Enhance Search & Offers AI-driven Solutions For Clients

  • Streamline lead management & centralise client details with our CRM!
  • Engage website visitors with our AI Chatbot & get answered all your queries.
  • Send property updates & market insights through our Automated Emailer.
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Real Estate


Speed up your sales through AI-featured Products & Services.

  • Chat software suggests products using browsing history.
  • AI email campaigns engage customers with personalization.
  • AI Chatbot handles orders, tracking & customer support.
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Mitigate Fraud, Automate Tasks & Enhance Insurance Efficiency.

  • Fraud Detection Software minimizes risk & prevents unnecessary actions.
  • OCR revolutionizes data extraction & reducing mistakes.
  • Machine Learning accelerates claim settlement via image analysis & data evaluation.
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Leverage Smart Automation Products To Gear Up Your Healthcare Workflow.

  • Simplify Patient's Intake with Meon's Seamless eKYC/RE-kyc Solution.
  • WhatsApp Chatbot: Hospital's assistant for patient engagement.
  • Empower hospitals with paperless approval digitization workflows.
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Enhance Banking With Data Science & Machine Learning Advancements.

  • Boost Fraud Detection with advanced Data Analysis & Machine Learning.
  • Streamline invoicing & minimize manual work with E-invoicing technology.
  • Check home loan eligibility through Smart Calculator.
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Use Artificial Intelligence To Compete, Deliver & Values To Customers.

  • Enhance your website with Real-Time Chat for user enquiries.
  • Use our Ekyc Solution for your cost-effective customer verification
  • Optimise your signing process with our paperless Esign Solution.
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