Start to convert your visitors into potential customers. Integrate a chatbot in your website and quickly connect with your customers.

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The Most Seamless AI to Human Handoff

Eliminate customer frustration by giving them on-demand, self-serve, automated support with friction-free access to live agents whenever needed.

BOT is perfect as a front-door to your business. BOT provides a simple and friendly way for customers to ask questions or send information. Instead of searching through website content or completing traditional online forms, BOT eases the process of navigating within websites.

Real-Time Analytics

This platform provides with useful insights and performance reports with real-time analytics quickly.

Multi-lingual support

Converse in the language most suitable to your audience. Choose from a range of languages available as per your audience.

Keyword Extractor

It helps in mapping keywords that users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly.

Push Notification

Get notification instantly when your customer needs to speak human assistant through push notification on your mobile or any other device that is connected with.

Upgrade your Customer Experience with Conversational AI

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Perks of Using the MEON BOT is, It is more fascinating and more attractive way to grab your customers' attention within few seconds

Quick Response

Give immediate response to your customers Customers get satisfied when they get quick and immediate response from your side.AI LiveChat gives instant responses for the basic questions before your agent can take over the chat control. It reduces the response time to 1 second.

Overcome Limited Resources

Allocation of resources by reducing customer support Chatbot based LiveChat cut down your resource cost, you need zero or a few agents for the live chat customer support. AI Based LiveChat keeps getting smarter overtime and need one-time training and reduce the training cost by 10 times. Additionally, it increases the customer satisfaction rate.

24x7 availability

Maintain 24/7 or offline hours availability. You can either keep your web chatbot live 24/7 or just after the office hours when you sleep. Your MEON LiveChat works when you sleep and agents can take over when you start your day.

Features of CHATBOT

  • Backend chat support.
  • Send Email and notifications.
  • How to ask Query and FAQs.
  • Backend integration.
  • Gives feedback option.
  • Speech integration.
  • Play videos.
  • Attachments can also be provided.
  • Quick styling features available.
  • Emojis can also be added for effective presentation.
  • Can be integrated directly on your website.
  • It attracts the visitors visiting the website and help in collecting the data.