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E-KYC for Joint Holder facilitates stakeholder account opening for various segments.

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What is Joint Holder E-KYC Solution?

The purpose of using this specific method is to verify the identity of multiple account holders simultaneously. It is faster and more convenient than the traditional KYC process and reduces the burden of physical document submission and in-person verification. Moreover, It is widely used for opening joint accounts in financial institutions like banks, stock brokers, and mutual funds.

Features of Meon Joint Holder E-KYC

Joint Holder eKYC is the next level of customer verification, which enables one to open an account jointly based on requirements.


Simplify the Process

Joint accounts streamline shared asset management, granting all holders equal access to collaborative investment decisions and simplified monitoring.


Estate Planning

Joint accounts aid estate planning with survivorship rights. Upon one holder's death, assets pass directly to survivors, avoiding probate for efficient asset transfer.


Offers Flexibility

Tailor joint trading accounts to account holders' needs. Customize management and decision-making, even requiring unanimous consent for specific transactions.

How is Joint Holder Ekyc Important?

Joint trading accounts enable multiple individuals (spouses, family, or partners) to pool resources, boosting available capital for collective trading and investments.

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Pooling knowledge and expertise from multiple account holders improves strategy formulation.

  • It allows account opening for trading, demat, or both trading demat purposes.
  • Joint E-KYC supports a maximum of three account holders, with one designated as a primary holder.
  • Diversifying with multiple holders spreads risk, reducing the impact of poor choices.
  • With a joint account, you can easily track performance and manage transactions.

Benefits of Joint Account E-KYC

Efficient, secure, time-saving identity verification for joint account holders, simplifying compliance and ensuring convenient, equal access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Purposes of E-KYC for Joint Holder?
A: Using joint holders, E-KYC provides a facility for opening stakeholder accounts such as Demat, trading, or both. It allows individuals to open a joint account with a primary holder.
Q: Why should you use Joint Holder Account Service Solutions?
A: It provides numerous advantages, such as shared investment, convenience, estate planning, simplified record-keeping, risk management, flexibility, and more!
Q: Does Joint Holder E-KYC provide flexibility?
A: Yes, it can be tailored based on the unique requirements of the account holders. You can also make an informed decision based on handling unanimous consent for certain transactions.
Q: Can we use Joint E-KYC for estate planning?
A: Joint accounts facilitate estate planning by offering survivorship rights. Upon one account holder's demise, assets pass directly to surviving account holders, bypassing probate and simplifying asset transfer.

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