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You can seamlessly integrate OCR capabilities into your website, making text extraction from images and documents a breeze.

Optical Character Recognition

Why choose Meon OCR API Solutions?

No more manual data entry, and increase efficiency and streamline workflows. Experience the highest potential of OCR technology with our OCR API.


Start your OCR journey with our API for data extraction.

  • Our OCR software solution can accurately extract text from various resources.

  • It provides precise results while dealing with complex printed text documents.

  • You can easily integrate our OCR API with comprehensive documentation, code samples, etc.

  • Our API for OCR can handle batch processing and save time and resources.

What does OCR Industry Solutions Meon offer?

  • No more manual data entry, and enjoy automating recognize and input data from paper forms, invoices, receipts, etc.

  • Our OCR makes printed and handwritten text accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

  • It allows you to quickly find specific information within large volumes of documents, saving time and effort.

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Who Can Benefit from Our OCR API Solutions?

Our versatile and result-oriented tool extract, manipulate and make sense of text data from various sources.


Automate data extraction from receipts, invoices, and product labels for inventory management.


Digitize patient records, automate insurance claims processing and improve medical data management.


Extract essential information from legal documents, contracts, and case files for efficient document review.


Enhance public services by digitizing records, automating data entry, and improving document accessibility.

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